Does it happen to you that a client calls and presents to you a fun project and you enthusiastically say yes to it, but as you start working on it, you realize the project is too much and the deadline doesn't seem enough?

Sometimes, you even cross the deadline but the project isn't done and then you don't know how to approach the client.

Well, if that happens with you, worry not! We have brought you some tips and tricks to help deal with such situations.

Communicating Project Delays tips

Tips and Tricks

  1. Take responsibility for your actions. Don't blame anyone else for your slips.
  2. Don't make excuses. Be truthful to the client about what went wrong.
  3. If you're having a creative block then just inform the client about it right away, don't wait for the deadline to pass and then go to him/her with the excuse.
  4. Update the client about the current status of the work. Give as much advance notice as possible.
  5. Present the client a new achievable deadline. Make assurances that the delay won't happen again.
  6. Explain yourself well but don't drag it a lot.
  7. Present some bonus. Make up for the inconvenience. Make the submission worth the delay.
  8. Thank the client well for taking the delay positively.
  9. Don't make missing deadlines a habit.
  10. Most importantly, give continuous updates about the work. So that if the delay pops up, the client at least knows what you have been doing till now and how much work is left to be done.
Communicating Project Delays Phrases


  1. I'm sorry, I won't be able to submit the assignment today.
  2. Something has come up, so, I won't be able to deliver the designs by tonight.
  3. Would it be fine if I submit the designs tomorrow instead of today?
  4. Thank you for understanding, I'll make sure the delay doesn't happen again.
  5. Let me be honest with you, I'm having a creative block at the moment and I don't think it would be possible for me to submit the assignment by the end of this week.
  6. My creative block is taking longer than I thought it would.
  7. I'm sorry but I won't be able to make the submission by tonight.
  8. Can you please extend the submission date?
  9. I was wondering if I can have one more day to submit the task.
  10. I'm afraid I won't be able to make the submission by tomorrow.
  11. I'm behind the schedule, can I please have one or two more days to submit the task?
  12. I would appreciate it if you could extend the deadline for a week.
  13. I apologize for the delay in submitting the assignment.
  14. I must inform you that I'm having a family emergency and I won't be able to work on the assignment for the next two days. Is it possible if I can get some extension?
  15. Pardon my ignorance, but I was of the belief that the submission is due next week.
  16. My apologies for the delay but I hope the work is worth it.
  17. I'm stuck with the assignment, can you please have a look at it and advise as necessary.
  18. Sorry for the delay, looking forward to your favourable feedback.
  19. I regret not turning in the work on time.
  20. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with the task. I'm trying to figure out the solution but I think it will take me a few more days to complete. Do you think the team can allow me that?
Communicating Project Delays Vocabulary


  1. Creative Block: Creative blocks are the barriers to inspiration. They can be described as the inability to access one's internal creativity. It can happen anytime and can last for hours, days, months or even years.
  2. Emergency: an unexpected crisis that calls for immediate action.
  3. Feedback: Information about the receiver's response to the task submitted.
  4. Halfway done: when something is at the middle point of its completion, it is called to be halfway done.
  5. Halfway through: It is similar to halfway done. One can use it while describing the matter when half of it is finished.
  6. Deadline: It is the period within which a task should be completed.
  7. Sudden: Something which occurs unexpectedly, often without any warning.
  8. Excuse: Forgive or pardon somebody for some action.
  9. Status: current position/progress of something.
  10. Compensate: Give something in return for a loss.
  11. Inconvenience: Trouble or difficulty faced by someone.
  12. Extension: An additional time asked to complete a task.
  13. Regret: Feel disappointed about something.
  14. Stuck: Get jammed, or stopped while doing something.
  15. Reconsider: An act of considering, or thinking again about a decision.
  16. Crisis: It is a time of extreme difficulty and distress.
  17. Barrier: A barrier is a hurdle or obstacle which prevents an action to be done.
  18. Medical Emergency: A medical emergency is a sudden health-related issue that needs immediate medical support.
  19. Backup: Help or support which is planned in advance for the time of crisis.
  20. Disruption: Any disturbance which interrupts an activity, or process.
Communicating Project Delays Dialogues


A: Hey! I'm having a creative block, I might need a little more time to complete the task.

B: I understand, take two more days.

A: Thanks, it would be helpful.

A: Hi! I'm sorry to submit the designs late, I had a medical emergency in my family.

B: It's alright. I hope your family is fine now.

A: Yes. Thanks!

A: Hi! I know I am supposed to submit the video edit by tomorrow but I am only halfway done. Will need two more days. Do you think it would be possible for you to allow two more days?

B: It was sort of urgent. I can allow one extra day, can you manage with that?

A: I see, will try my best. Thanks!

A: Hey! Here's my assignment, I know I'm submitting it late but I really hope it's worth the wait. I had a very bad creative block which is why it took me this long. Sorry about that.

B: I completely understand. I'll look at the files and get back to you with my feedback.

A: Thanks a lot for understanding.

A: Hello B! I'm very sorry for the delay but the blueprints are ready now, I have emailed them to you. You can have a look.

B: You were supposed to send them two days back. Well, let me see. Will get back to you.

A: Yes, I know. My sister wasn't well, so I had to take her to medication. I'm extremely sorry for the delay. I promise that it shall never happen again since she's doing better now.

A: Hi! My roommate is having an emergency. Is it okay if I hand you the designs a day late instead of tomorrow?

B: Let me confirm with the HOD.

A: Okay, sure! I'll be waiting.

A: Hey A! I'm sorry to reach out to you like this but unfortunately, I won't be able to submit my assignment on the due date. I have a family emergency, because of which, I have to go out of town for 2 days. But I promise I will submit the assignment right after coming back, and try my best not to repeat it.

B: Alright, but try to submit it ASAP.

A: For sure, thanks for your cooperation.

A: Pardon my ignorance, but I was of the belief that the submission is due next week. I'll try to complete the task by the end of this week itself, but is it possible if I can have a few more days to work on it?

B: I'll have to see with the team. I will let you know. Also, I would suggest you use Google Calendar, it helps me a lot. I'm sure it will help you too.

A: Oh yes, for sure. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll be waiting for your reply.

A: Hello! I am extremely occupied this week. It won’t be possible for me to submit the designs within a week's time.

B: I understand. But I would appreciate it if you can sort it out as soon as possible.

A: Hey! This is really an exciting project and I'm enjoying working on it but I think it needs more brainstorming. Can you ask the team to shift the submission date from this week to next?

B: Yeah, I thought so! Let me ask them and get back to you soon.

A: Thanks a lot!