All of us live busy lives. We may not be available at all times. In business too, we may not show up at a decided schedule.

Sometimes it is an urgent task, sometimes family issues, or sometimes just a sudden illness that may compel us to go off the schedule.

So, if you’re absent at an urgent meeting, do not consider it as the end of the world. You should give a brief about the situation politely to avoid a possible conflict.

Here are a few things to follow up on in order to avoid any conflict with your respected client.

Apologize for Missing Meeting tips

Tips and Tricks

  1. Take the first step to clear up the confusion.
  2. Mention the reason without asking. This is a polite way to build up your integrity.
  3. Mention the reason, date, and duration of your absence.
  4. Humbly acknowledge your absence.
  5. Be sincere and do not hesitate to apologize first for your absence.
  6. Try your best to convince your client, and steer clear of any confusion (s).
  7. If you inform on email, then keep the subject line as, “Absence Excuse”.
  8. Make your client reassure that you will inform of your absence beforehand in the future.
  9. Compensate your absence by showing up regularly and punctually in the later meetings.
  10. Close your email/message politely with,  “Best”, “Regards”, or “Sincerely”.
Apologize for Missing Meeting phrases


  1. I’m a bit off the schedule …
  2. couldn’t show up yesterday.
  3. Sorry, I left off without informing.
  4. Please do not put into question my sincerity due to this
  5. I want to put my case forward, and tell you that
  6. Hey, I couldn't stop by yesterday, because
  7. I am not a habitual absentee, it's just that I had
  8. I got stuck in something
  9. I know it's against the policy of the company but,
  10. I am aware that it's not the best course of action for us.
  11. I shall make sure for a positive return.
  12. The underlying reason for this …
  13. I couldn't report because
  14. Would like you to excuse my absence …
  15. Sorry I couldn't keep up with the schedule
  16. It’s not a norm with me
  17. It’s usually unlikely that I get absent.
  18. I may not put with things next
  19. wanted to inform you that I won’t be in for the next
  20. I wanted to call in sick, however, I couldn’t as
Apologize for Missing Meeting vocabulary


  1. Communicate: It is the act of passing, sharing or exchanging ideas, information, or news.
  2. Justification: When we try to show something to be right or valid.
  3. Circumstance: is the condition during a particular event, or an action.
  4. Notify: To inform in a formal/official manner.
  5. Credibility: It is the quality of being trustworthy, or being believable.
  6. Critical: A serious situation.
  7. Absenteeism: The practice or habit of being regularly absent.
  8. Unavoidable: Which cannot be avoided, ignored, or prevented.
  9. Unforeseen: Something which is not predicted before.
  10. Compensate: The act of providing something good to balance something bad.
  11. Report: Present oneself, or inform the authority about a situation, event, or circumstance.
  12. Infrequently: Something which is not very often.
  13. Norm: Something which is very usual or frequent.
  14. Acknowledge: When we accept or admit something.
  15. Reassure: It is the act of removing doubts or fears related to something.
  16. Beforehand: It implies something in advance; earlier or ahead of time.
  17. Course of Action: This is the best way of doing, achieving or approaching something.
  18. Legitimately: It means truly, fairly and genuinely. It also means something in accordance with laws and rules.
  19. Reputation: It reflects the beliefs and opinions that are associated with some person or something.
  20. Call in Sick: It is the act of informing the client or management by calling, that you are ill so you cannot show up for the work.
Apologize for Missing Meeting dialogues


A: Hi, I am sorry for not showing up yesterday. I was sick.

B: Oh, how are you now? Feeling better?

A: Yes, I am feeling good now.

A: Hey B, I want to express my sincere apologies for being absent.

B: It's okay. Where have you been, by the way?

A: Thank you! I have been ill for about a week.

A: Hey B, Sorry for the absence. I was busy with my spouse. She has been ill.

B: It's nice to see you again. Thank you for informing me though.

A: Thanks to you too for keeping patience.

A: B, I wish to inform you that I won't be available at the next meeting?

B: Oh, may I know why will you be absent?

A: Actually, I am going out of the station to visit my grandmother.

A: I am sorry, I have been busy with a few personal issues so I couldn't talk to you.

B: It's all right. I hope everything is sorted now.

A: Yes, I am back on track. Thank you for your concern.

A: Hey there! Hope you're well. I have something urgent coming up.

B: Do you imply that you won't be here?

A: Exactly! I am going till next week. However, I will make sure of a positive return.

A: Sorry for being off the schedule yesterday. An urgent business came up.

B: It happens! But please make sure you're available from now onwards.

A: Thank you for your support. Yes, I will be here.

A: Please pardon, and let me off for tomorrow's meeting.

B: Why so dear? What's the reason?

A: I am having a high fever right now. I need to rest.

A: Hello B, sorry for being absent yesterday. This is not a regular habit.

B: No A, you've been punctual so far. I know you're a disciplined person.

A: Thank you so much for being kind.

A: Just wanted to put my case forward, that I've not been absent willingly.

B: All right A, I understand. What was the reason, if I can ask?

A: I've to rush to the hospital for an emergency.

A: Sorry, I couldn't stop by yesterday because I was occupied with my little kids.

B: Oh! No worries. family is important too.

A: Exactly. You see!!

A: I am not an absentee, it's just that I was out of town.

B: Oh, you should have informed me beforehand.

A: I am so sorry. Will take note of this in future.

A: I have been stuck in an urgent issue, this is why I was absent.

B: No issues as such. Just make sure the task is completed on time.

A: Definitely! I will finish it in time.

A: I know it's not the best course of action to remain absent for this long.

B: Exactly, only if there's a genuine issue.

A: I agree with what you said.

A: Hello B. I humbly apologize that I couldn't report to you for my absence.

B: I accept your apology. Hope you are well now.

A: Thanks a lot! Yes, I am all fine now.

A: Just to let you, the underlying reason for this was my illness.

B: What happened to you?

A: I had viral fever.

A: I want you to be informed about my unavailability for the next month.

B: Oh, are you going somewhere?

A: No, I just have a few personal things to sort out.

A: Hello B, I will be off the schedule for tomorrow, is it fine with you?

B: No problems dear. Will you return the day after tomorrow?

A: Yes. Thank you!