Getting down to business means, "to start doing what needs to be done".

Sometimes even business meetings could get off the topic, and we may start discussing things that are not relevant to our projects. After all, we are humans, and we share bonds and interests with other people, other than the business also.

As a freelancer, however, you must take the lead in kick-starting the project tasks. You need to begin doing things with seriousness and determination, and do what needs to be done. Therefore, you should start talking about the subject to be discussed and try to concentrate on work.

So, in this regard, follow these things to get back to business when you've gone off the track.

Let's get down to business tips

Tips and Tricks

  1. Show enthusiasm that you are ready to initiate the work.
  2. Make sure you've understood everything related to the project.
  3. Ask politely if anything needs to be cleared before starting on the project.
  4. Do not be casual. If the client starts joking or something, remain politely professional, and concentrate on your end goals. Never drift off your responsibilities.
  5. Do small talk, if necessary, just to initiate the conversation and not to fool around.
  6. Keep everything handy, and ready before starting the work.
  7. Always take lead in setting the deadlines, and reminding of the pending work. Take charge of your work, instead of leaving everything to your client.
  8. As a client, please do not get authoritative, and start doing random and irrelevant things. Kindly respect others' time and efforts, and stay loyal to the point of discussion.
Let's get down to business phrases


  1. Yes, now I will do that on priority.
  2. I am excited to kick-start the project.
  3. Wish to inform you that everything is lined up.
  4. Firstly, I want to de-clutter of confusion my mind.
  5. Hey, let's skip the formalities, and get back to the business.
  6. I'd like to get down to business soon and quick.
  7. Okay, let's get settled now, and get down to business
  8. Now, let us cut the chase and get down to business
  9. So here we go! so what we were discussing?
  10. I hope to catch up with the work...
  11. It's time to pull up my horses...
  12. Let's finalise it now and set the ball rolling.
  13. Let's open up with our tasks...
  14. We need to get down to the problem...
  15. We're pushed for time, so let's start now...
  16. I am soon getting back to the task at hand...
  17. I am all set to begin...
  18. Primed for turning over the leaf...
  19. I am ready to set the shoulder to the wheel...
  20. I am going to buckle down soon..,
Let's get down to business vocabulary


  1. Commence: It means to start something.
  2. Kick-start: To kick start something implies to start something more quickly.
  3. Initiate: begin a process, task, or action.
  4. Review: This is an assessment of all the necessary details to check if there's a mistake or not.
  5. Job Description, JD: It is the detailed list or the description of the tasks, duties, and responsibilities one has to take under a particular job role.
  6. Small Talk: It is a polite conversation about not so very important topics.
  7. Seriousness: It is the state of having a sincere, attentive and earnest attitude.
  8. Focus: It implies attention to some particular thing.
  9. Formalities: Things that are observed to follow some conventions, customs, or habits in a certain setting, situation, or culture.
  10. Settle down: prepare to start concentrating on something.
  11. Fooling around: to waste time in sitting idly, aimlessly or without a purpose.
  12. Pleasantries: a polite remark, usually made by people when they first meet to show they are friendly.
  13. Rolling up sleeves: To prepare to work hard on something to get it done.
  14. Priority: to take something in precedence, means, to give attention to something before other things.
  15. Pull off: to carry out something despite the difficulties.
  16. Dilemma: It is confusion about something.
  17. Main Topic: It is the general point or the subject on which the whole discussion is based.
  18. Point of Discussion: It is the topic/subject on which something is talked about.
  19. Off-Topic: Something which is not relevant to the subject that is under discussion.
  20. Take Lead: Get ahead of someone in doing something.
Let's get down to business dialogues


Freelancer to Client

F: Hey! I have understood all the requirements needed for this project. Will be getting down to business soon.

C: That's great news! All the best.

F: Hello, I have been a bit busy since yesterday, and now am getting down to business.

C: No problem, B. Do it at your own pace, just take care of the deadline.

F: Thank you. I sure have that in mind.

F: Hi C. It took time to brainstorm on all the points which we discussed in the meeting. After thinking about everything, now am getting down to the business.

C: Hello A, It's great that you've started. I hope you're clear on everything now.

F: Yes, everything is clear. Will update you soon.

F: Hi B. I want to inform you that before I get down to business, I need to clear up a few things.

C: Alright, we shall conduct a meeting this weekend.

F: Thank you! Looking forward.

F: Hi, I am all set for getting down to business.

C: Wonderful! And have you gone through the job profile and the reference material?

F:  Everything. I have covered everything in the background.

F: Hello, it seems it will take me another week to get down to the business.

C: Why? Is everything fine?

F: Yes. I need to figure out the best strategy to go on this project. I will start once I decide the best course of action.

F: Okay, so now that we have introduced ourselves. Shall we get back to the business?

C: Oh, definitely! I will send you the JD again.

F: Sure, I will go through it.

Client to Freelancer

C: Hi! We have discussed everything on the project, just let me know when you will be getting down to the business.

F: For sure, I will let you know.

C: Great! Expecting your response soon.

C: Hi! It seems that you haven't got down to business yet, since I cannot see your login time on the portal. Is everything okay?

F: Hello C. You're right about what you checked. I've been occupied with some urgencies. Will get back to it shortly.

F: Oh well. Hope to see you soon then.

C: We are on a tight schedule. Will you be able to get down to the business quickly?

F: Thanks for letting me know. I'll do all that is required as soon as possible!

C: Hopefully! Much thanks.

C: Hi F, I understand you must be having difficulty in getting down to business, as certain things still need to be cleared. Don't worry I will reach back to you for all the queries.

F: Hello C, thank you for considering this. I am so excited to kickstart my work once we have everything lined up.

C: Marvellous. I will be reaching to you soon then.

C: Hi B. How are you? So, are we getting down to business from this coming Monday?

F: Hello A. I am just doing fine. Yes, I was planning for the same. Will update you on the weekend for confirmation.

C: Well that's great! I will be opting for your response.

C: Greeting! I want to inform you that I am mailing you the links and other reference material for your consideration. You're advised to go through before getting down to the business.

F: Sure. I will check the mail and shall go through the attachments before starting.

C: Thank you for your understanding.