Effective discussion can not just escalate your freelancer business to a whole new level, but it can also create and sustain long term work relationships.

A discussion can include sharing ideas, talking about obstacles and feedback, or discussing performance, goals, and growth. The end purpose of discussions may differ as per the requirements.

In this article, we will share some tips, keywords, phrases, and discussion dialogues through which you can easily hold effective discussions.

Gaining a deep understanding of the problems that customers face is how you build products that provide value and grow. It all starts with a conversation. You have to let go of your assumptions so you can listen with an open mind and understand what’s actually important to them. That way you can build something that makes their life better. Something they actually want to buy.

Facilitate discussions at work tips

Tips and Tricks

  1. Always be honest and fair during a discussion.
  2. The first step is to have a plan for the discussion. Make an outline for the discussion.
  3. Write on a paper/app whatever you want to discuss so that you do not forget the important things. Jot down in points.
  4. When you open the discussion, but the most important thing to be discussed first. And then follow with other details.
  5. Do not hesitate to put your views in front of the client/freelancer. But do it politely.
  6. Do not interrupt when the other person is speaking. Let him/her put the views.
  7. Do ask questions politely, and without interrupting when you're unclear/confused about something.
  8. Do not elaborate your sentences too much, unless it is required or asked.
  9. Listen/Read carefully what's being discussed.
  10. Keep the discussion on point without digressing.
  11. As a client, you should ask for feedback from the freelancer, so that the project can be improved, and also, the communication is better.
  12. The point of your discussion should be "Problem Solving", in whatever regard. You should seek a resolution for a problem.
Facilitate discussions at work phrases


  1. I want to hold a discussion on...
  2. We are here to discuss about...
  3. I would like to start the discussion with the...
  4. A few things need to be discussed...
  5. It would be clear if we have a productive discussion.
  6. I am open to any discussions.
  7. Thank you, it was a much-needed discussion.
  8. You're encouraged to discuss to clarify, or...
  9. May we have a word on this topic?
  10. I think we need to discuss this...
  11. This will be part of the discussion for today's meeting.
  12. It requires some discussion before approval.
  13. I think this is overdue for discussion, as we already cleared it before.
  14. But for the sake of discussion, let's say/think...
  15. We engaged in a fruitful discussion on...
  16. We missed the outcome of the discussion...
  17. That's the whole point of the discussion...
  18. All things will get confirmed in the next discussion...
  19. We had a great deal of discussion on this with the team...
  20. Is this up for discussion?
Facilitate discussions at work vocabulary


  1. Commence: It means  Obstacle- Something that hinders or prevents progress.
  2. Purpose- A reason for why something is done
  3. Outline of Discussion- the overall map, or the main points of discussion.
  4. Review- To evaluate (something) formally in order to change it if necessary.
  5. Feedback- It provides information on a person's performance of a task, and is used for improvement.
  6. Resolution- A resolution is the final result of a meeting
  7. Point of Discussion- The subject of a discussion.
  8. Reassessment- An examination or assessment of something once more in light of new or different factors.
  9. Relevant- Connected to or appropriate for what is being done or considered.
  10. Receptive Communication- It involves understanding verbal language, facial expressions, body language, and other nonverbal cues.
  11. Conflict Resolution- It is the way of solving the dispute between two parties, by holding a discussion or anything else.
  12. Mental Preparation- the act of mentally preparing oneself for a discussion.
  13. Informed Discussion- Having a discussion with lots of knowledge and awareness about the things discussed.
  14. Consideration- A careful thought about something.
  15. Unified Communications- Unified Communications is the integration of multiple communication methods (such as Email, Phone, Video and Messaging) within a business.
  16. Figure out- To solve a problem or understand something better.
  17. Nuanced discussion- In the context of a discussion, Nuance means, when going straight to the point, you go instead to explore the shades of grey in the topic of debate.
  18. Fruitful discussion- Any discussion that produces good results can be called fruitful discussion.
  19. Animated discussion- A lively, active and enthusiastic discussion.
  20. Vehement discussion- A discussion in which arguments/views are put with a strong feeling and passion.
Facilitate discussions at work dialogues


Freelancer to Client

A: Hi B. Hope you're doing well. I want to discuss with you something related to our projects.

B: Hey A. I am good. Okay then, can we meet at Zoom (/) on Monday at 9 am?

A: Sure, I would connect. Thanks.

A: Hello! I was just reviewing my performance, so I thought to discuss what you think about it, so far. Are you available?

B: Hi! It's so nice of you to consider. I'll gather feedback on your performance for our discussion.

A: Thank you so much. Would love to hear from you!

A: Hey there! It's been wonderful to work on this project. As enjoyable as it's been, I think we can improve further on this project. So, can we hold a discussion for the same?

B: Hi A. I appreciate the efforts you take on our project. Let's hold a discussion meeting this Friday to look out if we can improve somewhere.

A: Sure. Thank you so much.

A: Hi B. I am stuck in the current milestone. Are you available to discuss the best way to go about it?

B: Hey A. Alright, I shall be available.

A: I'll list out all the queries. Thank you!

A: Hello! Would you help me understand how your organisation conduct the business? It would facilitate me to work better on the project.

B: Hi! I will discuss the vision and mission of our organisation in a meeting.

A: Thank you. Looking forward to it.

A: Hey! Thank you for the job offer. Can you just brief me on what should I be focussing on in the next few weeks?

B: Pleasure to have you here. Let's discuss it in a meeting.

A: Perfect! Thank you.

A: Hi, do you have any suggestions for the resources and tools I can you to increase my productivity on this project? Can we discuss this?

B: Hello! We can surely discuss that. First I'll send you the links. Please go over them, so that we have an informed discussion.

A: Definitely! Thank you so much.

A: Hi! I am sorry. I missed the last meeting. Can we discuss what it was all about?

B: No issues dear. Please be available at the next discussion meeting.

A: That's so kind of you. I shall be there.

Client to Freelancer

A: Hello, good morning! Can we discuss the progress of the project?

B: Yes. I will gather all the updates and shall meet you on Monday.

A: That'll be great.

A: Hi B. I hope you're doing fantastic. I need your help in discussing the action plan for our project.

B: Hey A. Yes, I am being fine. I have got a few points to add well.

A: Wonderful. So let's meet on Monday, at 6 pm.

A: Hey there B. We've done a reassessment of our project structure. I would like to discuss a few things about it.

B: Oh, that's great. So, when do you want to discuss it?

A: Please see to it if you're free at the starting of next week.

A: Hi B. Welcome onboard. We will be having a meeting soon in which I'd like to discuss everything, right from the job description to payment mode, and feedback. Please be there at the meeting!

B: Thank you for the opportunity. I am really excited about this orientation. Will join.

A: You're most welcome.

A: Hey there! Hope you're well. Since you completed the last project so well, we want to work on a new project with you. Would like to discuss your core skills which we can make use of.

B: Hello A. I am happy to see you again. And thank you for reconsidering me. So, let's hold a meeting. What say?

A: You're welcome. Yes, sure. I'll update you on that.

A: Hello Mr B. How is it going?

B: It's going very well since we had a discussion. I am keeping on track.

A: Awesome! Keep updating, please.