When you have got a project in hand, you will likely make progress step-by-step. The client/employer always expects that you routinely keep him/her abreast of your progress, i.e., tell how much work is done, how much is left, or how you're tackling the problem-solution.

So, here are some simple sentences, or phrases that you can keep in mind while updating your client(s).

Giving Status Update In a Meeting Tips

Tips and Tricks

  1. When you are giving an update, inform in one sentence about the last thing your client asked you to do. And give a "call to action", in case you've anything to ask further.
  2. Use keywords to convey the meaning effectively and efficiently.
  3. The use of first names in English-speaking business environments is common. Though it is not the practice everywhere, some senior managers are addressed by junior staff using their first names in some offices.
  4. However, ask for your client's permission before using the first name with the phrase like: Do you mind if I call you?
  5. Keep it conversational.
  6. Be clear on what you've done, and what the client can expect further so that there is no miscommunication.
Giving Status Update In a Meeting Phrases


  1. Hey dear (client's first name), I've got stuck in the video editing part. Let's catch up to discuss.
  2. Hey, can we talk and go over this together?
  3. Okay, I am fine with the schedule. Looking forward to seeing you on Monday at 1400 hrs.
  4. Just to let you know that I've covered all the given titles.
  5. I've revised the assignment/task, just like you told me.
  6. Dear, I've got the gist of the project. Our project should not take more than a month.
  7. Yes, the project is doable, however, I want some time to get my hands on it.
  8. I'm afraid that the task would not get completed soon. Can I get some more time?
  9. Dear (client's name), the work/task/file/assignment looks sorted out. Have a look!
  10. I am intending to make it in the given period.
  11. Will keep you posted!
  12. Hi (client's first name), I want to discuss a few things on this project, should you be available at 6 pm today?
  13. How are you doing (client's name)? Are you up for a quick call?
  14. Dear Jeff, please call an urgent meeting with the other team members for an orientation program.
  15. Hi! I hope you've checked my submission, your valuable feedback is awaited.
  16. Just a small update from my side, I've designed the home page of the website. More work in progress!
  17. Hi! When should I submit the current milestone?
  18. I have worked on the task according to the specified guidelines. Please check.
  19. Dear (client's name), I've comprehensively reviewed the article(task/project), we can't do much about it.
  20. I'm tracking the progress of my assignment each week. It will get completed within the given deadline.
Giving Status Update In a Meeting Vocabulary


Agenda: It is a list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting. So, next time when you ask your client to meet, set a meeting agenda so that you clear all the points.

Asynchronous Meeting: These are kinds of meetings that do not happen in real-time (synchronous) and do not require an immediate response. Participants communicate whenever they get free time. Sometimes the clients are busy, and they might not be able to communicate immediately with you. In this situation, do asynchronous meetings.

Brainstorming: By using this technique, you can generate a lot of ideas about a specific topic/problem/question in a short period of time. Whenever you are stuck in something, before asking your client for it, follow this technique. It might work!

Commitment: is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. Take care of your commitments and fulfil them on time.

Constructive Conflict: Often, when you submit your work to client, he/she might not like your work, even when giving your best. So, update your client, and ask him/her for having a constructive conflict, where both of you can voice your disagreements to understand each other’s’ situation better.

Creative Brief: A creative brief contains project details including the project's purpose, goals, requirements, messaging, demographics, and other key information.

Deadline: it is the latest time or date by which something should be completed.

Decision-Making Meeting: is a meeting organised by teams when they need to formally agree on a significant decision and secure commitment to act on that decision.

Dummy Copy: It consists of fake words inserted into a layout as a placeholder. It is usually in Latin — beginning with “lorem ipsum…”

Deliverable: This is the final project/package you will be provided to the client.

Feedback: it is a piece of information which you ask your client about his/her satisfaction with your work.

Follow Up: This is usually a mail, or message you send to a client for asking something again/further.

Framing: it is when you form a concept, plan or system for a project/problem.

Icebreaker: it is a statement or activity which a thing relieves tension between new people.

Live Cast: it is broadcast of your work at the same time when you are doing it.

Milestone: this is a stage or level of work completed.

Progress: Development of work.

Scope creep: Scope creep is a condition when the client is are asking you to do more work than initially contracted, for the same amount of pay.

Submission: it is when you present something to your client.

TK: An abbreviation for “to come.” You’ll see this used for photos, captions, sidebars — anything that is expected but hasn’t arrived yet

Giving Status Update In a Meeting Dialogues


A: Hello! I've just completed the allotted task. Kindly check for any errors/suggestions.

B: Thank you for completing it on time. I will check for any edits.

A: Good morning/afternoon/evening. Kindly find my work uploaded on Google Drive. Is there anything else I can help you with?

B: Morning/afternoon/evening dear. I just checked the files there. They all are complete in every respect. Would you like to take another assignment this month?

A: Hey, I have a few queries and confusion to clarity. When we can have our next meeting?

B: Hi! Oh, alright, you can clear your queries on Monday at 09 AM, okay?

A: Hello, what's the date to deliver the complete project? Should I update you mid-way as well?

B: Hi, you should submit your work by Saturday, next week. Yes, please keep updating me. All the very best!

A: Hi, I've gone through the files/task/assignment. I will submit my work to the earliest.

B: That’s great! Hope you do it in a fine manner. See you!

A: Thank you for the zoom call. I now get a clearer understanding of our project.

B: My pleasure. I suppose you have taken notes as well. If you still have confusion, feel free to reconnect.

A: Hey, I'm sorry to bother you again, but there's an important update I have to give you.

B: It’s alright. May I know what’s the matter?

A: The task you've assigned will take time. You may have to wait until the next week.

B: Oh, no problem. Do what works best for you Thank you for informing, by the way.

A: Hello, just messaging to see if you needed to tell me anything important?

B: Hi. I was just wondering if you will create a marketing strategy also, meanwhile, you are on this project?

A: I want to offer a suggestion to handle this task. You there?

B: Yeah, I am here now. What suggestion(s) do you have?

A: I've incorporated a few extra elements, please check the file.

B: Hey. Thank you for putting in the extra effort. Truly appreciate that!

A: Hello, I am busy this week, can we shift this task to another week?

B: Hi! Alright, take it easy. But, kindly make sure you submit it by Friday, next week. See you!

A: Just a quick update, I am going through this smoothly. Will tell you if I get stuck.

B: That’s great! Somehow, I knew you will be able to handle it. You are welcome for asking for anything.

A: All is done which was required until now. Anything else?

B: Well done!! I have checked everything, and everything seems in order. Marvellous job! Thank you for completing it in such a small amount of time.

I have one more thing in mind for you. But we will keep it for another day. Regards!