When you think about the world of freelancing business, there’s no doubt that you will be faced with many challenges. One of the main challenges is being weak when it comes to certain topics or feeling weak.

But you don't need to worry, we've got you covered. In this article, we'll give you some tips to hold your reigns tight when you feel weak on a topic.

Managing self-doubt at meetings tips

Tips and Tricks

  1. Admit your weakness. Do not try to give an impression that you are a "know it all". As it will be easily be spotted by the freelancer/client.
  2. Be confident. Everyone is weak in some area or the other.
  3. Even when you do not have knowledge in some areas, keep the agenda still moving forward with other topics, if possible.
  4. Do not blame the questioner for asking, or discussing things from your weak area. Just acknowledge what you know, and what you don't.
  5. As a freelancer, one of the most important things for growth is that you never stop learning. Hold expertise in your area, and do have general knowledge of others too.
  6. Readily expand your knowledge base. Read books, listen to podcasts, watch documentaries. All of these things will compound later.
Managing self-doubt at meetings phrases


  1. Sorry, I have weak fundamentals in this area.
  2. My fundamentals are not clear…
  3. It is one of my weak areas.
  4. I suppose I am not so strong in this, as…
  5. I do not have a strong position in this regard.
  6. My ideas are vague since I am weak in this area.
  7. My head is full of grey areas in this field.
  8. This topic is on my weaker side.
  9. I am unable to gather things, as this is one of my weak spots.
  10. I couldn’t answer due to internal weakness regarding fundamentals.
  11. owing to my weakness in this area.
  12. Unlike other topics, I haven't spent as much time thinking about this one.
  13. …my innate weakness in this field.
  14. cardinally weak in this area.
  15. Sorry, I am afraid I don’t know it for sure.
  16. I don’t wish to appear weak, so I’ll prepare.
  17. I am too weak to think about this.
  18. comparatively slow in this domain.
  19. I do not hold much speciality in this
  20. My weakness as a photographer can be compensated by my strength as a Graphic Designer.
Managing self-doubt at meetings vovabulary


  1. Knowledge Base- This is a collection of information, knowledge, and experience which an individual possesses on a particular subject.
  2. Desk Research- Background research that is done to fill the knowledge gap.
  3. Delve- The act of inquiring deeply or intensively (in order to gain knowledge).
  4. Gist- It is the essence or core of an argument or article.
  5. Reference- A process of gaining information about something by looking at it (like articles, blogs, videos, books, etc).
  6. Thrust Area- This is the area where someone has done research and development. However, it can also be taken simply as one’s area of expertise.
  7. Vague- Being unclear or unfocused when thinking or communicating.
  8. Fundamentals- To put it simply, the fundamentals of something are the simplest, most important elements, ideas, or principles, instead of the more elaborate, detailed ones.
  9. Specialisation- A particular area of expertise or focus.
  10. Domain- A domain is a certain area of knowledge, practice, or interest over which someone has control, authority, or influence.
  11. Innate- A feature that is essential, or inborn in someone.
  12. Expertise- Expertise is a skill or knowledge that is acquired through training, study, or practice.
  13. Grey Area- Gray areas refer to situations that are unclear or open for interpretation.
  14. Credibility- Being trustworthy and respected.
  15. High Stake- An example of this would be a situation that has a lot of risks and is likely to result in someone either gaining or losing something of value.
  16. Immediate Impression- It is an immediate result, action, or reaction that happens or is done without any delay.
  17. Impromptu Speech- A speech without any prior preparation.
  18. Competence- Having the ability to accomplish something successfully or efficiently.
  19. Put on the Spot- If you put someone on the spot, they'll have to answer a difficult question or make a difficult decision.
  20. Prowess- It is an outstanding skill or ability in something.
Managing self-doubt at meetings dialogues


Freelancer to Client

A: Sorry, I am too weak to continue. Would you give me some time to get things ready?

B: Oh, no problem, it happens. Take your time.

A: Thank you. I'll be right back.

A: My knowledge base is not that strong on this topic right now.

B: Alright. I just asked you because you were in marketing, so I anticipated you knew.

A: True that!

A: Sorry, I am afraid I do not understand these things. Perhaps I've not delved into this area before.

B: Okay. Kindly do some research. It's an easy one, you'll get the knack of it quickly.

A: Thank you for the suggestion. I'll try exploring it.

A: I cannot draw out the gist of this, as I am weak on this topic. Would you like to elaborate, please?

B: Alright. It's related to the 3Rs of Marketing. It will be useful if you go through it.

A: Oh! I'll have a look. Thanks!

A: Hello I've gone weak on this topic. I read it long ago, but cannot catch up on it now, due to the lack of practice and revision.

B: No problem, A. We can't remember each and everything we read. You can revise it after this meeting.

A:  Thank you for understanding B. Sure!

A: Though I am weak on this topic, if you give me additional time, I'll get a hold of it.

B: I like your spirit, A. Since you wish to learn it truly, I'll send you some docs for reference.

A: That'd be much helpful to me. Looking forward to receiving those, Thanks a bunch.

A: Hello, sorry I couldn't draw out what you were saying on call, since I am too weak on the topic discussed.

B: It's okay, I understood then and there, that something was missing.

A: Thanks that you sensed it. I will learn it meanwhile so that we discuss it better next time.

A: Although my case is weak on this topic, I can go about our problem through a different approach. Will you allow to do me so?

B: Actually, I find this topic more comprehensive, and relevant to our problem. SO it would be good if you tackle it from the same topic.

A: Well, if that's how it works, I'll have to learn this topic. I'll let you know soon then.

Client to Freelancer

A: I sensed that you're weak on this topic. If that's the case, you may go on the way you want.

B: Exactly, A. I am not familiar with that one. Please give me time to go through it.

A: Do as you deem suitable, B.

A: Hey B. Is there any issue we have here since you didn't respond to the meeting as expected?

B: Hi A. Actually, I was too weak to go further. I know so little about it all, so I thought better be silent.

A: Oh! I couldn't know that that was the issue.

A: Hi there, B. You asked about robotics programming. Actually, our team is comparatively weak in this niche. Currently, we do not deal in this area.

B: Hello! I see. I saw the company profile, mentioning programming as a thrust area. So I needed to confirm.

A: Oh. Yes, we did mention it there, but we just deal in common programming.

A: Hi! We only deal in .... So, naturally, we are weak in this area.

B: I understand. I will once again go through the company's brochure, to pick up the topic of my choice, and availability.

A: That's the way to go B. Thanks.

A: Hey there. I think that graphic designing is not from your thrust areas. So we will assign you a different topic.

B: Hi! Yes, you're right. I've never done any graphic design. It'd be great if you have something from my thrust areas.

A: Don't worry, B. We will utilise your expertise by giving you topics you're well versed in.

A: Unquestioningly, we have been deliberately weak in this area, since we do not find many conversions and potential customers.

B: I understand. After all, what's the benefit of having expertise in something people would not look at.

A: Isn't it! Great that you understood what I wished to convey.

A: Hi B. I am notoriously weak in numbers. Would you send me a detailed invoice please so that I understand all the expenses incurred?

B: No issues. I will send you the detailed invoice in your email.

A: That'll be great. Thank you for your cooperation.